At the Berlin Icebar, you’ll get three free tokens that you can exchange for drinks. Two silver and one golden. The golden token is for the warm front lounge. Here you can get a cocktail, beer, wine or a non-alcoholic drink. The two silver tokens are for the actual ice bar that you’ll visit after you’ve spent some time warming up. Here you can get shots of vodka, beers or orange juice from glasses made of ice.

Drinks in the front lounge bar

When you enter the Berlin Icebar you won’t be let into the cold immediately. You first get the chance to have a wonderful cocktail in the lounge. Here it is still warm and our bartenders will be ready to mix a drink for you which is included in your ticket. If you like more than one drink before you enter the cold part, you are welcome to buy additional drinks at the bar.

Drinks inside the actual ice bar

Before you enter the ice bar we’ll give you a nice warm coat and gloves to brave the cold. Walk inside and move to the bar to order your free drink with a silver token. Choose between vodka shots, a beer or orange juice. All served from glasses made of ice.


Customer Experience


So what are you waiting for? Your drinks are already chilled!