Guest’s experiences

Whether you visit the Berlin Icebar with friends, family or on you own, our staff will look after you to make sure you have a memorable and fun experience. Here are some thoughts from guests who visited us in the past.


shots at the icebarSolo travellers

Lukas called the Berlin Icebar "quite an experience”: "It’s quite an experience. First of all, 3 drinks are included in the package, which is quite refreshing not having to think about anything and the experience is awesome. Getting a starter drink in entrance lounge, and then progressing the real story in the ice and drinking out of ice in minus 13 degrees Celsius. And furthermore, the ponchos are awesome.”

For Kerstin it was a one-of-a-kind experience: “The visit to the Icebar was very fascinating and entertaining. I have never seen anything like it. The sculptures in the ice bar were beautiful. The staff were very friendly. I can definitely recommend the Icebar Berlin.”

K K rated our staff as "great" and enjoyed the “cool location”: "Very nice location and cool drinks. The personal is also great. Amazing sculptures and great story. Will definitely visit again!”

With Friends

Megan and friends had a “once in a lifetime” experience at the Berlin Icebar and especially enjoyed the drinks: “The staff are so amazing! I’ve bar is so pretty and overall a really good experience! Definitely recommend the tequila and the chocolate and coco shot! 10/10 for hospitality”

Travelprof had a "really fun experience": "We passed by this place on our way to the Alexander Platz. It looked nice so we decided to have a drink. We couldn’t enter without buying a ticket but than again, the ticket included 3 drinks and the Ice experience. The moment we came in it was sooo much fun. Friendly bar employees, a funny ‘Captain’ who told the story (you are literally taken into a boat) before you go into the Ice space. In the Ice-bar you get shots and it is super super cold. I don’t believe my friends and me have seen this before. Afterwards we decided to have another beer. Thanks Icebar Berlin team, we enjoyed it!!”

Björn would “definitely visit again”: “A cool bar with a really unique ambience. For the price you get a long drink and either a shot and a beer or two shots in the ice bar. Very good value for money. Always a pleasure and highly recommended!”

Visit the Berlin Icebar with kidsWith family

Aashita had a "warm and fun experience": "Frank at the entry was warm and welcoming. Captain of our ship and guide Uvi was an amazing and fun welcoming , comforting captain. Overall had a super fun experience @berlinicebar with drinks and freezing cold temperatures 🥶☺️ Overall the staff including Ewelena (at the bar) and the ambiance is great a must visit place …. When in Berlin … 😍”

Leo rated the Icebar as a "nice experience" for families: "It was really nice. Basti was a very nice Guide. We had a super family activity and I can highly recommend it.”

Abigail and her family  describe the Icebar as a “fantastic experience”: “I visited with my husband, friend and five year old son - we all loved it and smiled throughout. All the staff we spoke to were so enthusiastic and friendly (despite the fact we spoke little German). I recommend wrapping up with a thick coat, hat, scarf and gloves. Teamed with the poncho provided, it didn’t feel uncomfortably cold. Next time we have friends to visit, this will definitely be on my list of places to take them.”


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