1. Where can I find the Icebar?
The address is Spandauer Straße 2. It is a 5-minute walk from Alexanderplatz.

2. How long can I stay inside?
Inside the actual Icebar, you can stay up to 20 minutes (if you dare). But, you may hang out in the lounge as long as you like, and try our selection of delicious cocktails, Heineken or Desperados beer.

3 What are the opening times?

  • Sun – Thu: 15:00 – 23:00 h.
  • Fri & Sat: 14:00 – 00:00 h. 

4. Is there a dress code? Do I have to bring warm clothes?
There is not a dress code (as long as you’re decent). We will provide you with an extra coat and gloves before entering the Icebar which you can wear over your regular clothes. However, we do not recommend to wear shorts, skirts, dresses or open shoes as it can get pretty cold.

5. Are we allowed to take photos inside the Icebar?
Yes, in fact, you are encouraged to take as many photos as you want. Do not forget to tag us when you share them on social media! #berlinicebar

6. Can we eat inside the bar?
There is no food available at the Icebar.

7. Can I bring baggage? Are there lockers?
You may bring a normal sized purse or backpack and keep it with you. We do not have any lockers available.

8. What kind of drinks are included in the ticket?
Upon entering, you will get 1 golden and 2 silver coins. The golden coin is for a cocktail or beer at the Lounge Bar (can also request for soft drinks).
The silver coins are for 2 drinks at the Icebar which will be served in a glass made of ice. You will be able to choose among 2 different flavors of vodka, regular vodka, sambuca, rum, Heineken beer and for the most healthy ones, orange juice.

9. Can I get extra drinks inside the bar?
Yes, you can purchase extra drinks inside the Lounge bar, unfortunately, it is not possible to do so inside the actual Icebar.

10. Are children allowed at the Icebar?
Yes, children are allowed in the Icebar. Children under the age of 3 can go in for free.

11. How cold is the Icebar?
It is -10°C, but in the Lounge bar it is comfortably warm

12. Is the icebar wheelchair accessible?
Yes, you can access the icebar with a wheelchair. 


1. Do I need to make a reservation to visit the Icebar or can I just show up?
We strongly advise you to make a reservation, as we often get fully booked, especially on the weekends. We will always do our best to accommodate you if you walk in, however, we can’t guarantee entrance as the Icebar has a limited capacity. You can make an online reservation through right here on our website.

2. How do I make a reservation?
You can make an online reservation right here on our website or buy a ticket at the door.

3. Do I have to print my tickets?
It is not necessary. You can enter the Icebar by showing your paper tickets or e-tickets at the entrance, both are accepted.

4. What happens if I miss my time slot?
If you are late for your time slot, we will try to accommodate you on the next one, however, it will be subjected to availability. Please note, tickets are non-refundable if you miss your session.

5. I did not receive my email confirmation, how can I retrieve it?
If you did not receive your confirmation email and it is also not in your Junk/Spam folder, please send an email to hello@berlinicebar.com.

6. Are dogs allowed inside the Icebar?
Only assistance dogs are allowed in the Icebar.

What are you waiting for? Your drinks are chilled and waiting!