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  • Wed - Fri: 17:00 - 0:00 h.
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  • Mon - Tue: closed

Adjusted opening days for the holiday:

Wednesday, December 21 open
Thursday, December 22 open
Friday, December 23 open
Saturday, December 24 closed
Sunday, December 25 closed
Monday, December 26 closed
Tuesday, December 27 open
Wednesday, December 28 open
Thursday, December 29 open
Friday, December 30 open
Saturday, December 31 open
Sunday, January 1 2023 open



The name says it all: in the Berlin Icebar everything is made of ice. Everything from the walls and furniture to the very glass you sip your beverage out of is made of natural ice. 40 thousand kilo of ice, that’s the equivalent of 4000 Heineken crates, have gone into the renovation of the Berlin Icebar. Due to a team of 8 sculptors, who worked for 3 weeks with chainsaws, drills, chisels and small gouges in a -15°C room, you’ll imagine yourself shipwrecked on an ice floe, right here in a bar in Berlin.

What are you waiting for? Your drinks are chilled and waiting!

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