Did your flight get cancelled? Or did you forget it's your grandmother's birthday next weekend and are you not able to come to the Berlin Icebar after all? Let us help you by making rebooking the date and time of your visit easy with our self-rebook system. On this page, you can change the date and time on your tickets.

Please pay attention to the following rebook rules:

  1. You can only rebook tickets up to 24 hours before the reservation. 
  2. You can’t rebook tickets with a date in the past
  3. You must rebook all your tickets at once
  4. You can rebook your tickets yourself 3 times

How does it work?

  1. Fill in your email address (this must be the same email address you’ve placed your original order with)
  2. Fill in your order reference (you can find this number on your tickets)
  3. Click on ‘change'
  4. Choose the new date and time
  5. Click on ‘rebook’
  6. You will get an email with new tickets. Your old tickets will not be valid anymore