Dear guest,

Due to the coronavirus, we had to close our doors earlier this year. We spend that time renovating and preparing to reopen the Berlin Icebar in the safest way possible. Please keep in mind that, for the time being, the Icebar is subjected to the necessary restrictions to protect your health and the health of our beloved colleagues.

We are excited and looking forward to welcoming you again! And we want to share with you a few tips and some of the measures we took in order to reassure you can enjoy your xtracold experience with us to the fullest.

If you still have some questions after checking the information below, please feel free to contact us ( We will be more than happy to help!

General safety measures & local information

Is it safe for me to visit the Berlin Icebar?
Yes, the safety of our guests and colleagues is essential to us. We want you to fully enjoy your experience, that is why we are strictly following the safety and hygiene guidelines from the German government. Our colleagues are well aware of the new rules and protocols and will help you and guide you during your visit.

What safety measures are being used to make sure my visit is as safe as possible?
As mentioned before, we are subject to the necessary restrictions. Hereby you can think, not only, about wearing face masks, the 1,5-meter rule, restrictions on the number of guests allowed in the venue (reduced groups), but also about the fact that tickets must be purchased in advance and with a time slot.
These restrictions will help us to prevent crowds and to protect our guests and colleagues from coronavirus.

I would like to visit the Berlin Icebar with a group, is this possible?
Because of the safety of our guests, we do not encourage our guests to visit us in big groups. Please keep in mind that due to the restrictions implemented to stop the spread of coronavirus, if you travel with a big group, at some venues there is no option to enter at the same time.

My tickets/reservation

Can I cancel and get a refund for my tickets?
When purchased on our website, your tickets can be cancelled up to 8 hours before the start of the activity.
In order to ask for a refund for your ticket, please send us an email to (with your tickets attached).

I already have a reservation, but I am not certain if I can attend. What can I do?
Please send us an email (with your tickets attached) to, so we can find a suitable alternative for you.

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just show up at the venue/departure point?
You can purchase tickets from the venue directly, but the booking will be subjected to availability. Meaning that you might have to wait before entering the venue.

I would like to purchase a ticket when I get to the Berlin Icebar, is this still an option?
Yes, that is an option. But please keep in mind that, at Berlin Icebar, we work with time slots and tickets are subject to availability.

If I have some symptoms or I am feeling unwell, should I join the visit anyway?
We kindly ask you to contact us, so we can rearrange your visit for a later date. We will be glad to welcome you once you are fully recovered.

Help us to keep you safe from coronavirus
- Please make sure you attend the venue 5 minutes before the departure/starting time.
- Bring your own face mask and wear it during your visit.
- Try to be on time for your visit. If you miss your timeslot, the rescheduling of your visit will be subjected to availability.
- If you are feeling unwell, please contact us so we can rearrange your visit for a different day.
- Wash your hands throughout your visit and/or make use of the sanitizers.
- Enjoy!

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